Committee opportunities
Committees allow brothers to create, discuss and energize to ensure the Fraternity's well-being. Committees are charged with guiding the successful direction and high-level function of the Fraternity. Committees meet remotely, typically once or twice a month, in a specific topical area related to the Fraternity experience.

Heritage Committee
  • Provide opportunities for undergraduates and alumni to engage with organizations who share a similar founding and mission
  • Identify programming partnerships for undergraduate chapters and colonies
  • Advise undergraduate chapters and colonies on programming and awards
  • Ensure Fraternity participation in appropriate events including fairs
  • Work closely with staff liaison  
Philanthropy Committee Undergraduate Alumni Education and Programming Committee
  • Develop a road map for training opportunities for undergraduate alumni relations chairmen
  • Develop curriculum for Brotherhood of a Lifetime message to be shared with undergraduates
  • Establish recommendations for standard alumni relations events to happen at the chapter level
Loss Prevention Committee
  • Evaluate current risk management program being offered throughout the year to chapters and colonies
  • Review alleged risk management violations from the last two years to understand current state
  • Make ongoing recommendations to the organization regarding ways we can continue to provide best-in-industry risk management programming to undergraduates throughout the year
  • Assist with prevention program development 
Disciplinary Panel
  • Assists the International Fraternity with investigations when alleged policy violations by chapters and or individuals. 
Disciplinary Board
  • Handle undergraduate appeals
  • Handle all charges against alumni as defined in the ZBT International Constitution Article X
Young Alumni Committee
  • Develop fellowship, networking and social opportunities for young alumni
  • Engage young alumni in opportunities to mentor undergraduates
Marketing and Communications Committee
  • Develop a marketing and communication strategy that is inclusive of both the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity and the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation
  • Consider trends in communications and social media and how they may be utilized to benefit the Fraternity
  • Create best practices for chapters and implementation tools for international staff to educate chapters on ZBT branding
  • Be a resource for news and stories from within the Brotherhood
Recruitment Committee
  • Administer the Recruitment Mentor program
  • Explore ways to improve chapter and colony recruitment performance
  • Create and promote new resources to assist in recruitment
  • Train and monitor the legacy program to ensure that chapters and advisors are given proper resources and education to offer the best possible opportunity for legacies 
  • Research best practices in the field and recommend strategies for improving chapter and colony recruitment results
Expansion Committee
  • Advise and assist with prioritizing and evaluating all expansion projects
  • When needed, serve as a representative of ZBT at recruiting opportunities near hometown
  • Explore additional ways for ZBT to get connected to the community at desirable schools
  • Provide strategic direction for headquarters staff
  • Actively support expansion by finding opportunities in social media, high school lists and community fairs
Parental Relations Committee
  • Promote opportunities for parents to get involved in starting parent clubs on their sons’ campuses
  • Provide guidance to parents seeking to establish parent organizations
  • Keep current on best practices of parental involvement within other Greek organizations and campuses
Chapter Advisor Development Committee
  • Introduce new chapter and colony advisors to their role
  • Mentor new advisors in their first year of service
  • Evaluate chapter advisor performance and feedback and provide recommendations to staff to enhance the advisor experience
Audit Committee (Foundation)
The Audit Committee of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation Board of Directors is responsible for: 
  • Monitoring and providing effective supervision of management’s financial reporting process with a view to ensure accurate, timely and proper disclosures and the transparency, integrity and quality of financial reporting. 
  • Promoting the development of an effective and continuously improving system of internal controls, in concert with management, particularly with the Assistant National Treasurer or senior financial manager, to achieve the Foundation’s objectives; 
  • Overseeing the Foundation’s framework of internal control and risk assessment practices to ensure that management executes the provisions of the accounting procedures; 
  • Serving as an informed voice on the Board and other standing committees by conveying the audit perspective when related issues are brought before those committees; 
  • Providing a direct channel of communication to the Board for the independent auditors; and 
  • Obtaining advice and assistance from outside legal, accounting or other advisors as deemed appropriate to perform its duties and responsibilities. 
Duties – Specific duties of the Audit Committee include the following: 
  • Recommendation of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). To recommend a contract, including fee schedules, and internal audit assignments, with independent CPAs for the annual audit of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation, Inc. said recommendation to be approved by the Board of Directors. The CPAs report to the Board through the Audit Committee. 
  • Charter Amendments. To review the Audit Committee Charter annually and, if necessary, recommend changes in the Audit Committee Charter to the full Board for approval. The Committee shall also annually review its own performance. 
  • Audit Plans. To review the annual audit plans provided by the CPAs and management, including the degree of coordination. The Audit Committee may request the performance of supplemental reviews or specific audit procedures. 
  • Annual Review of Financial Statements. To meet with the CPAs, and management to review the results of the annual work, including but not necessarily limited to:
~ review of the information presented within, as well as the format and wording of, the annual financial report, including the financial statements, footnotes and statistics; 
~ timely review of the disposition of previously issued recommendations; 
~ meeting in executive session with the CPAs without representatives of management present
  • Report to the Board. To report the results of the work of the Audit Committee to the Foundation Board of Directors.

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